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5 Most Important Financial Accounts

Everyone has multiple financial accounts these days because they are necessary. Honestly, who can get by easily without a checking account or a savings...

Personal Finance: Talking to Adult Children About Retirement Planning

Parents frequently fail to teach their children financial skills and planning. Mostly, this is the result of the parents' own lack of skill and...

The Villain Who Might Get Away: Jon Corzine

Since the Great Recession started in 2008, or more precisely, since the Lehman Brothers meltdown that year, there have been a slew of villains...

The Exceptionalism of American Business

Traditionally the perception of "The American Dream" has been the notion that if we work hard, success will come to us according to our...

How to Have a Grand Opening for Your New Business

Hosting a grand opening is a great way to officially mark the start of your new business. If you want to make a "big...

Mini Donuts, a Highly Profitable Concession Business

The aroma drifts across the Midway, or maybe it's when you go into that convenience store. No matter, nothing draws people in better then...

Global Economy or Big Scam DxSynergy

GDT (Global Digital Transfers) has been around the last six years. It is a registered company in Vanuatu. GDT claims to be creating a...

Financial Analysis Ratios

In a previous article of mine, the basics of budgeting and financial analysis were outlined. For anyone wanting more complex ways to evaluate how...

How to Create a Budget and Make it Work for You

Believe it or not, creating a budget is the single most important thing you can do for your finances. That's because, without a budget,...

Business: The Leadership of Yesteryear

In these unprecedented times leaderships' confidence has taken a serious blow with the population. Leadership is not seen as trustworthy or as "good stewards"...