The Exceptionalism of American Business

American Business

Traditionally the perception of “The American Dream” has been the notion that if we work hard, success will come to us according to our effort. It’s an old idea that began with America’s first pioneers. They loaded up their horse drawn wagons and headed west in search of good land and a better way of life.

Moving forward to the 21st. century, the notion that the dream may be dead is gaining prominence. Suzie Orman, a financial guru is saying that we need to redefine the realities of it. According to Orman, the financial crisis has crippled the hope of the working class and that it will not recover.

I’m not so sure. America has survived crisis before and come out on top. While there is evidence that the housing sector is still struggling, manufacturing appears to be showing improvement. Looking at it realistically, housing markets cannot improve until the other income generating industries show an increase in business; thus hiring more employees who can begin to purchase. Once people start going back to work, money will loosen up; and the process of monetary circulation can resume at a healthy pace.

We have been there before. The great depression of 1929 left America in dire straits. It lasted for 12 years, and took a world war to throw the economy into high gear. Today we have a much different economy then in 1929. Back then we were a national economy. Now we are an international economy. That fact in itself offers greater opportunity for a peaceful recovery. The only stumbling block has been the European crisis. However; that being said, business; driven by the need to show profit has begun shifting their attention to more equitable areas with better economies. As more companies come on line and refocus their priority markets, gradual improvement will occur.

In the past America has differentiated itself from the rest of the world by its ability to cope and react. There is no reason to believe it will not happen this time. I believe the reason there are so many doomsayers predicting a catastrophic collapse this time is because we have gotten to use to instant results through modern technology. The ability to react is still there, but the ability to cope, to struggle through a trying ordeal is diminished in our modern generation.

Sure, it’s difficult right now and it has been for a while, but it is inconceivable that America will throw in the towel; we have never succumbed to adversity before. I believe the American Dream will bounce back. It would pretty tough to overcome the dream of three hundred million citizens.


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