How to Have a Grand Opening for Your New Business

Business Grand Opening

Hosting a grand opening is a great way to officially mark the start of your new business. If you want to make a “big splash” in the community, an exciting event can draw the community into your doors and give them the first peek at what you have to offer. Make it official with a grand opening ceremony and a whole day full of grand opening events and fun prize giveaways.
Hire a photographer to take pictures during the Grand Opening of your business. The photographer should take pictures of the ribbon cutting, the first sale and the giveaways. Later you could hang the photos of the grand opening in your shop.

Hang a red ribbon across the front doors of your business the morning of your grand opening. At the appointed time, announce you are about to begin the grand opening. Introduce yourself to the crowd; share a minute or two about your business. Alternatively, you could invite a special speaker to announce you and share introductory information. Also, tell people what you hope to bring to the community or what makes your business special.

Cut the ribbon with large scissors. Try to give the photographer the best shot possible. Do not block the cutting of the ribbon. Open the doors to the public and invite everyone in. Announce any first hour sales you will be having. Tell the guests that for every twenty dollars they spend with you, you will enter them in a drawing to win prizes.

Display the prizes on the front counter or a secure table. Reward buyers with tickets as they make purchases. Throughout the day, draw the stubs from a jar and give the prizes away. Tell customers they do not have to be present to win. Have them write their names and phone numbers on the tickets so you can call the winners at the end of the day.

Give hot dogs and sodas away during the Grand Opening. Or hire a local pizza parlor to come and give away slices to guests.

The weeks leading up to your grand opening do plenty of advertising. Stay within your budget by using methods you can afford like flyers or radio commercials.


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