Global Economy or Big Scam DxSynergy

Global Digital Transfers

GDT (Global Digital Transfers) has been around the last six years. It is a registered company in Vanuatu. GDT claims to be creating a global economy with many services coming soon. It has been known as DxGold and Dxinone and the current name is DxSynergy.
There is fierce debate if GDT is going to be the next Microsoft or they are an elaborate scam or poorly run business. It is hard to get information about GDT because of their location and the secrecy of the company. Also, many points made about GDT can both support them being a legit company or a scam.

You cannot contact GDT by phone, e-mail or in person. You must send your info through a support thread. Also, no one is sure who is the owner of GDT. Mervyn Copperwaite from Australia is a major player and may be the owner.

Why is GDT registered in Vanuatu? According to the supporters, it is because Vanuatu is business friendly. The naysayers will point to the secrecy laws in Vanuatu, most people can’t check on them and the government of Vanuatu has issues dealing with corruption.

GDT is trying to build a global economy with various services. These services are just a copycat of better known services. For example, they have adsexposed which is similar to Google AdWords. Also, they have others services such as DxShopping which now are mediocre and have not been marketed to the public. They are planning to release a bunch more services including DXAuctions soon.

The biggest service that most people get involved with DxSynergy is opening a portfolio. There is a complex in understanding how this works. It is a way of earning an income through the supply and demand activity of the DX system. Various issues in the past have caused some users to have their money stuck in the system for the last 12 – 18 months. To get money out, you must do an outXchange. GDT had stated a few months ago, it would take less than 48 hours to get production funds to be outXchanged. Currently, there are plenty of users 30 days and more with no relief in site.

Also, some people have become merchants. To make a long story short, there is a fee of $950 involved, which at this time there is little activity.

One of the biggest cases for GDT being legit is also one of their biggest issues. GDT support had told several people they owned a hotel on Vanuatu named the DXGrand. After going to court and the government of Vanuatu getting involved, GDT did not owned the hotel. Supporters use this as part of their argument why would a scamming company try to buy a hotel. Even after the issue had been settled, GDT was slow to remove the hotel from their website.

Westpac would not accept GDT’s money. GDT could not show financial records, audited figures or the source of the funds. This leads to the previously mentioned court cases.

There are several forums that have discussions about GDT ( DXSynergy).

DX4all ( is a free forum and dxpowerteam ( is a paid service. If you are looking to

Get trained on how to benefit from dxsynergy, these are the places for you. If you are more into finding out the pluses and minuses Talkgold ( will be the place to explore. It is mainly naysayers of DxSynergy but there is good info from some of the well-informed posters.

Certain individual from dxpowerteam and dx4all met the admin of GDT in Vanuatu in 2006. Some of this information is free at dx4all and dxpowerteam, but most of it, you will have to pay to learn more.

GDT has not promoted their system to the public. So far, only their affiliates are marketing the system to the public. DxFocus is the new marketing program

This is a condensed version of the basic pluses and minuses of DxSynergy. Personally, I think it is a waste of money to get involved with Dxsynergy now. If you are truly interested wait until they start producing viable services that create revenue from the public. Many of the supporters of Dxsynergy will tell you it is a great time to get involved. They have a vested interest in selling training materials and if someone new puts their money in the system, they me be able to get some of their funds out. If it is the next great thing on the internet, you will have plenty of time to cash in.


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